Friday, November 5, 2010


It’s here.

And I’m so ready for the holidays.

Way too early.

I just need it in my life this year in a big way.

We’re gonna do it up.

I’ve declared November to be craft month.

It’s Awesome. And too expensive.

Clearly I need to get a job.

ALSO, I found a scorpion in our bathroom last night.

Seriously came way too close to an not so fun time.

I mean, seriously, A SCORPION. In my bathroom.

With his tail up.

Luckily a fat kids board book (and CHRIS!) were there to save the day.

I can see a spider, but who has scorpions?

Obviously I’m still troubled.

Ok… that’s about all for today.

OH wait. The girls share a bedroom now Smile

Fun times.

Well they share at night at least. Chloe still naps in our bed.

Which is a-ok with me.

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Anonymous said...

A scorpion? Yikes. Where would that come from? about pictures of the girls sharing the bedroom. I love everything they do....thanks for sharing. xoxooMOM