Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I can officially unveil what our house looks like now that it’s acceptable…


Besides, I have 1 more anatomy class before my final.

I got 100% on my last big test.

So I think I can slack off, right?


I have about a ZILLION awesomely cute pictures of our girls…

I just haven’t even had a chance to go through them!!

Here are a couple…


So this isn’t as cute as it is hilarious.

Chloe bumped her elbow and is telling me to kiss it.IMG_5848IMG_5856

Here’s my creation that took SO much longer than anticipated…

But I’m so SO madly in love.

I really hope my girls love it as much as I do.


I remember getting an advent calendar as a kid and just thought it was the neatest thing so I’ve upped the ante…


just a little…

Each day has a new craft or activity or deed.

today was jingle bell necklace day.

I have been looking forward to this activity but I didn’t realize how much Chloe would LOVE making them.


While listening to awesome Christmas music.

I kept thinking how amazing it was and how lucky I was. I kept expecting to pinch myself and realize that this wasn’t my life and I wasn’t this lucky.

But I am.

P.S. You’ll see a glitter theme throughout our décor this year.

I couldn’t love it more.



And our HUGE tree… see Chloe for sizing. It’s actually 9 feet I think. It is about 2 inches from our ceiling.


This is one of my favorite projects… an ornament wreath I made.

My cousin Paige came and saved the weekend by pretty much helping me get these projects done.

I can’t thank her enough!



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Anonymous said...

I raced home to look at your blog and of course I wasn't disappointed. I know the girls were going to be cute but I wasn't ready for the tree and decorations. Beautiful. So fun! Miss all of u so much. See you next week. Xoxogigi