Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things to remember

Lately, no pictures.
bad mama, bad mama.
However, there has been a lot of fun...
AND a lot of drama.
OH well.

Chloe and Lauren really are just ridiculous. In every way.
Chloe loves telling us about the most minute things that she likes, such as when "daddy go to work, push da button". (he has to swipe his card to get into his building and it drives her bonkers)...
she also likes to tell us when someone has 'barped' (barfed), like today when Lauren barped on Chloes head.
Ohhh and there's the fact of both girls having a crazy fascination with toilet water and all things near the toilet.
To date, we have lost 2 bows to the toilet gods.
Have I mentioned how utterly and ridiculously sweet Lauren is?
Because she is.
Like Seriously.
She will lay her head on your shoulder forever.
She'll kiss you with her slobbery little mouth wide open.
She'll give you a hug so wonderful that you want to just melt away with her.
And then there's her other side. She really is quite the little independent thinker.
She REFUSES to hold your hand even if her life is at risk. Crossing a busy street? I'll hold my own hand, thank-you-very-much.
She has 4 teeth on the top (front), 3 on the bottom (front) and 2 GIGANTIC molars that just came in on the bottom. And from the looks of it, about 6 more teeth any day now.
Chloe. hilarious. super fun. horrible listener. No, I mean REALLY horrible listener. Loves to wash her hands, requires that she wipe her face if so much as a tear is shed. Which at this age, is pretty frequently. Cute ass curly hair. Eats the peanut butter and jelly off her PBJ sandwich. I'm watching her suck it off her thumb like a pacifier, like she's never had anything so delicious in her life.
On the way home from the park today, she tripped and her little knee got chewed up by the asphalt. She screamed bloody murder and I realized she had just gotten her very first skinned knee. I know there are so many to come but it just felt so crazy to me, that she was old enough for these kind of injuries. Anyway, we picked a little flower/weed on the way home and she felt better...except when she saw her brand new little hello kitty bandaid and you'd think I had given her a puppy. She has been talking about it all through lunch in between eating the PB&J off the bread.
I promise to post some real pictures soon but there are so many things I don't want to forget about the right now. Like how the girls LOVE hugging each other... they are so sweet and gentle sometimes. And how Chloe yells at Lauren and tells her to sit down when she starts jumping on the couch. And how Chris and I will lay in bed at night just laughing about the hilarious things Chloe says. And really, they are hilarious.

I start school on Monday.
Physiology and Microbiology 4 nights a week.
Say some prayers for our sanity while Chris also takes a computer engineering smarty-pants class.

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Anonymous said...

I have missed your blogs. She has also become proficient at walking Harley and untangling the leash. Both of your girls can walk crazy long distances without so much as a look like they would like to be helped or carried. Lauren's feet make an audible sound as she walks and it makes me smile. They both say thank you everytime you give them anything to eat or play with. The girls hug and "cuddle" with you without being asked and they make you feel like you are the greatest human being in their life. You girls make us feel 10 feet tall. We love you and miss you already. Jenny and Chris....I am so proud of you both. Our last visit was the best I can remember with you. I bought mexican train dominoes from our gift shop. Can't wait for a rematch! xoxoMOM/GIGI