Monday, February 21, 2011

Boston Family

I will not lie and say that Lauren doesn’t have a runny nose in 99% of our pictures from this weekend.

Because she did.

But, for the record, it goes down as one of the greatest, most ridiculously fun-packed cousins weekends ever.

There were trips in Papa Chuck’s monster truck, hot fudge sundaes, bounce houses, first bike…

and so much more.

P.S. remind me to post pictures of Chloe riding her bike. It deserves it’s own post.

It’s official. She’s awesome. And grown up Sad smile

Dear Boston family… Thank you for making the trip out. We’ve made memories we’ll NEVER forget. You kids are the greatest!

But for now, just a few teasers.




Anonymous said...

These pictures remind me of how much family impacts our lives and that we are so lucky to have all these beautiful kids in our life. They had so much fun together. Here's to the next visit...wherever it is! Thanks too Jenny for making your trip down and back. I know it isn't easy but you and Crissy have a bond time can't erase. Those Boston girls LOVE you! So do we. Thanks for your part in the great memories!! AWESOME. xooxoxGigi/MOM

Anonymous said...

Oh...and thanks for the ridiculously adorable pictures! xo

Anonymous said...

so many adorable faces...lucky Gigi and Papa :). GSue