Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter and Such.

School is ALMOST over.

I can’t wait. That’s an understatement.

Chloe is always excited in the morning when I’m home…

feels good.

Last night I got home and her light was on and I went in and she was awake and she got excited and said, “Mommy! You are home now?!”

So of course I had to bring her to our room to cuddle with us and watch some baseball.

Cuteness never goes unrewarded around here.

Just like Lauren this morning up at 5:45 so I bought her in our bed.

(note a trend?)

She was just so sweet.

She just laid there and every now and then would roll her head and give us each a kiss.

so sweet.

Please don’t grow up!


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Anonymous said...

Just decided to peek at the girls. What a surprise to see new pix. Love you all.....xoxo