Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress is…Progress…


It might not look like much…but we’re building a dream here!

We just got the concrete poured which really made it look like a house.

Cabinets are being put in next Friday.

That will be the most exciting change.

I have had so much fun picking out everything and piecing everything together…

I’ll try to remember to bring something OTHER than a portrait lens next time… Kind of makes it feel like you’re constantly zoomed in… so if you feel like you don’t have the whole picture…well ya don’t.

The girls room (yes, I the plan is to put them together.again.)…

Sugar Berry Pink:


The doors throughout the house.



I have big plans for a mantle here… Just no carpentry skills.

But I love this blank slate.

Not to mention the chair.

Oh the chair.

A relic.

I was so glad to see it resurface in the new house.

Grandma would be proud.


You can’t tell from the pictures, but the tile floors in the upstairs bathrooms are GORGEOUS.


Super thin grout lines.



Master shower tile work.

Truly an artform.
Can’t wait to show the finished product.


Looks like a crime scene with the caution tape…but have no fear…


This is a view from our hotel room…

But the one off our back porch is just as gorgeous.


And the girls’ favorite part?

The trains.

You can hear them passing through the town from almost anywhere in the town…

The girls love when they hear the distant honk of the train.

They love it even more when we happen to catch one pass right by us.


Today after filling our car to the brim (and I mean it…the girls had to hold bags on their lap) with stuff for Goodwill, I treated the girls to Frosty’s.

They were in heaven.


Thank goodness for laundry machines.

And with that, I’m out of here.

For a month or so.

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