Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well Folks…

It appears we’re coming to the end of our lives on the Central Coast.

Perhaps we’ll come back someday…

But the movers come here and start packing us up a week from tomorrow.

I have started crossing the days off my calendar…but keep panicking with each day marked off…

It’s really scary.

There’s just so much changing.

Actually, there’s not really much that is staying the same.

We’re still a family of 4, but that’s about it.

We’ve switched cars, bought a commuter car, bought a house, we’re leaving one job to start another, seriously now… how much can one family take?

We’re going to see.

But as much as I’m scared, I’m really excited.

Our new town is seriously so friendly.

Every.Single.Person wants to say hi, to stop and chat, to talk to you about god knows what.

And there are sheep crossing main roads.

And actual sheep herders. Who knew that was even still an occupation?

We’re trading in busy streets for sheep infiltration.

Red Robin for the Apple Shed.

The Zoo for the ostrich farm…

Not really that different at all, I suppose.

Except it will snow.
Have I mentioned that before?
I’m sure I have. Because I’m excited.

I won’t be driving in it, but I’m still excited.

And the house?

Well, someday it’ll be perfect.

It’s already getting close. Except we can’t live in it until they turn on the electricity which they won’t do until it’s finished…which can’t happen until 1,000,000 other things get taken care of.

Today, the concrete driveway and patio is being poured.

The suspense is killing me and I can’t WAIT to see it.



And since we’re packing up all our belongings to go into storage for what will seem like an eternity, this is probably my last post until we’re in the new house.

Here are a million photos of our girls to hold you over.

1. Lauren will dance to anything, anytime, anywhere. Pretty much all day long. If you can’t already tell from the pictures.

2. Lauren makes a hilarious face when she says cheese. And she gets overly excited. If you can’t already tell from the pictures.

3. Chloe is already too cute for her own good. If you can’t already tell from the pictures.

4. The peas in a pod aren’t always exactly nice to each other. If you can’t already tell by the pictures.

5. I see trouble in our future… they sure are some kind of pair.

Scary thought.

Some of these photos might need to be explained… Chloe and Lauren ride their Giraffe around pretending it’s a horse… Chloe and Lauren found bags in their luggage and wore them as hats… While participating in the 4th of July parade, my kids acted like they were going to a funeral.

Sooo without further adieu… some photos of my lovelies.





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