Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Randoms

Here are some random pictures from the last week or so.

1. Papa came for a quick visit and brought the girls some presents. It was fun to see them open them in approximately 2 seconds but even more fun was the gigantic mess the ‘presents’ created.



Notice how there is already a lost lipstick in the mix.

It hasn’t been like 10 minutes at this point.

But boy did they look beautiful.

We missed you, Gigi!

2. Tehachapi has some of the most ridiculously amazing clouds… Not sure if that’s just because I’m more of a city girl and I’ve never been able to see past my neighbors house to the horizon but I think it’s really because it’s just awesome here.



3. We decided to break out the halloween costumes to make sure they fit… and because I know I’ll fail to get any pictures of them in them…because that’s how I roll.

…They like them…perhaps a little too much; they got crazy after about 10 minutes and went wild.



3.  I know I haven’t fully, adequately expressed our gratitude to my dad for everything he did for us…favs_235favs_238

…but it’s due in large part to the fact that I just can’t find the right words.


Starting even before we closed on the house, he devoted almost his entire life to getting this place liveable…but not just liveable… absolutely amazing.
He worked side-by-side with me to design the perfect home.

He didn’t miss a single detail and although as the weeks dragged on and we all got sick of the project, he always managed a smile.


I used to tell people that my absolute DREAM would be to have my dad design and help build a house for us.

It really was just that. A dream.

But as this project went on, I realized that, in all honesty, this dream REALLY DID COME TRUE!


Thank you dad. From the bottom of our heart.

And no amount of anything we could offer you would ever come close to telling you how much we appreciate everything you’ve done.


There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t notice something you did here and Chloe has started walking around the house asking me, “Did papa build me that? Did papa make that for me?”…

She thinks you hung the moon.

And really, so I do.

And Chris.

Believe me, the terminator has gained even more respect around here. If that’s even possible.favs_214favs_246favs_252

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