Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And Just like that…It was Fall.

The clouds were dark this morning; yesterday it was 80.

Today, 60.

It’s definitely a welcome change.

It’s amazing how it just blew in overnight.

I couldn’t be happier.

I loved the cloudy, cold day.

Made me want to stay in.

Except Chloe had school and Lauren and I were busy.

First, we tried out our local MOPS group. Good times.

Then, off to Bakersfield to take care of some errands.

Then…home to place a few more fall decorations and put a few more holes in the wall

(sorry, hubs).

Disneyland last week was absolutely amazing.

My mom ended up being able to go with us and BOY am I glad we had the extra set of hands.

I have no idea how I’m going to do this alone with both girls…

There were 3 adults and we still had our hands beyond full!

However…My mom turned into ‘that woman’ when she saw one of the princesses…

and … ya know… had to make sure her granddaughters got private time with the princess since they were too shy to go up to her.

And we are forever grateful.

It was beyond cute and amazing.


Even a video of her getting a hug.
Seriously melts my heart.

and of course it won’t upload. Sorry folks!


The girls were good considering they had NO nap…Lauren wasn’t too sure, but ended up LOVING the Tiki Room

Chloe didn’t want to go on ANY rides…but once she was on, she had a great time…

It was so cute.

She documented the event through her own photos also (she took anything she’s not actually in Smile):

IMG_5241 - CopyIMG_5240 - CopyIMG_5242 - CopyIMG_5243 - CopyIMG_5245 - CopyIMG_5249 - CopyIMG_5251 - CopyIMG_5252 - CopyIMG_5254 - CopyIMG_5255 - CopyIMG_5256 - CopyIMG_5277 - CopyIMG_5278 - CopyIMG_5281 - CopyIMG_5282 - CopyIMG_5283 - Copy


Also… my dad took them to Home Depot for their monthly craft thing for kids and OMG. they came home with little helicopters and orange aprons.

They obviously had a ridiculously fun time and Chloe insisted on wearing her apron to home depot on Sunday while we went to get something.

Lauren hasn’t stopped talking about her helicopter and showing me and telling me papa helped her make it.

They are definitely going to be handy girls.

Chloe photographed the entire morning.

These pictures absolutely killed me when I saw them.

I feel like I was there!

They even took a trip to my dads shop.

So hilarious.


Haven’t looked at the pictures on this camera in FOREVER…

But basically it’s been Chloe’s camera for the last year.

When looking at the pictures, I realize why she filled my memory card…there were tons…mainly of the floor.

However…the most recent pictures (especially Home Depot) are gems.



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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. These pix are hilarious. I can't stop laughing. Thank goodness for Chloe and her photographic skills. She chronicled the entire weekend for us. Wish I hadn't looked like I ran 10 miles to catch the princess. I keep thinking of chasing Cinderella until she got to the backstage area yelling "Cinderella, Cinderella". I must have looked ridiculous. But you are right..the girls had to touch a princess. I wouldn't be happy otherwise. Glad I had my running shoes on...with my dress! Thanks for letting me share such an awesome day and share your girls first trip to Disneyland. It makes a gigi's heart melt. Feeling those little hands holding mine as we walked, rode the rides and marveled at Small World. Priceless. I will never forget it. Beautiful day. xoxoMOM/GIGI