Friday, October 14, 2011


Is totally flying by!

I can’t believe Lauren is going to be 2 in one week.



Totally love those kids.

And yes…I’m aware that Lauren’s hair always looks like a hot mess in photos.
But we’re working REALLY hard on keeping it out of her face.

and YES. I’ve considered getting her hair cut…but I’m not ready for her to get bangs and it’s FINALLY long enough to all make it into a ponytil.

It’s a work in progress.

See? The play-doh pictures below prove it!

(the rest…don’t.)

You see…when she gets on a bike, she needs her bow off…and then the helmet just screws up her hair.

Girl problems, ya know?

Anywhooo, we had a friend over this afternoon…

As you can see it was a success.
The girls got along really well but I definitely saw Lauren left out on a couple occasions…

I guess I kind of assumed Lauren would always be able to hang with Chloe but evidently she’s not immune to being the 3rd wheel once in a while.


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Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! Those pictures are adorable...however, the 3rd wheel story is not! I am sorry but that is just painful to read. It is hard to go through as a mom, isn't it? Love your posts. Anytime I am ready to see those babies. Love you all....xoxoMom