Friday, November 13, 2009

Little Victories...

These days I'm celebrating the little victories.
Such as... Leaving the house....
...Without forgetting one of the girls.

I have learned it takes me at LEAST an hour to get out the door.
That doesn't include a shower... then again... most days there is no shower to speak of.
This morning Lauren was basically up from 3:30 - 6:30.
Guess who woke up at 6:00 to join her little sister?

No big deal.
I've honestly got to say...
That (so far)... (knock on wood!)...
Going from 0-1 child is a HUGE adjustment. HUGE.
Going from 1-2 really isn't that much more work.
You just have to be a couple steps ahead all the time and plan, plan, plan.
And have 5 arms.

Anyway, we met Chris for lunch today.
After lunch, I managed to get the girls to the park for a little play date with one of Chloe's little buddies. My friend kept telling me that I was making it look easy and she couldn't believe I could have Lauren in the Bjorn and still lift Chloe and do everything for her as if Lauren weren't there at all...
It's just so nice to hear that people think I'm doing a good job.
Because, honestly, I feel like there have been a lot of days where it's actually more work than it's worth to get out of the house.
Because literally by the time we get in the car, it's time for Lauren to eat again!
In time, that will get easier when we're not on such a tight every 3 hour schedule.
It's just so fun to spend my days with these girls. I am so lucky.
There isn't a job in the world that I'd trade this for.
Not once have I wished I was somewhere else.

Anyway, not only did we put in some quality time at the park, but I needed potatoes for dinner so you can guess what was next on the agenda.
The dreaded grocery store.
With both girls.
Our store doesn't have the shopping carts that have the little car in front for the bigger kid to sit in if they want.
Lauren hates getting put into her car seat so I prefer to leave her in there once she's in and content.
Which means that Chloe needs to sit in the seat of the shopping cart and Lauren needs to be carried in her car seat (which is too big for the basket part of the shopping cart).
Now can you see why I have dreaded tackling the store??
Anyway... We did great! I carried Lauren in her car seat on my arm and put Chloe in the cart.
No big deal.
But I did get a few head turns.

Honestly, if you ever want to feel like you've climbed a mountain and tackled the impossible...
try having kids 13 months apart.

Best times. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny. You do make it sound so easy. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom. I am so very proud of you. Now if you could just tackle a trip down to see Gigi and Papa while you still find all of this so EASY! Their toys are waiting for them. xoxoMom