Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sister Love

Yes. I’m aware there are a bajillion pictures.

However, I’m short on time and deciding on favorites is no longer an option.

You visit the blog, you deal with my obsession with my babies.

:)IMG_0651_2IMG_0635 IMG_0655_1IMG_0641    IMG_0679   IMG_0735_1IMG_0735_2IMG_0651_1IMG_0748

This girl seriously loves her new baby sister. 

It makes my heart melt.

IMG_0775_1IMG_0780 IMG_0785 IMG_0786 IMG_0790_1IMG_0795 IMG_0799 IMG_0800 No… She isn’t really biting her… don’t call CPS on me.

It just looks like she is!IMG_0801

IMG_0802 IMG_0803 IMG_0811

Chloe finally figured out how to push her rocket ship.

She adores it…

What follows is … as always… the many faces of Fudge :)IMG_0816 IMG_0817 IMG_0820 IMG_0823 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0828 IMG_0835  IMG_0839

Chloe is 14 months old now… didja know that?

AND she’s got like 6 teeth coming in on the top…

But for now, she still only has 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom!

Her new favorite word is “uh-oh”

She loves giving Lauren her pacifier when she is crying.

If only we can get her to put it in the right way now.


Anonymous said...

What a treasure trove of pictures. I love them all. You don't need to sort out the ones you like most because they are all my favorites. Love love love those girls. xooxoxMOM/GIGI

Anonymous said... melt my heart. Gigi loves you.....xoxo