Monday, December 21, 2009

Knock on Wood...

Lauren is 2 months today.
I wish I could say I had pictures coming out the wazoo but it's just so busy around here that it's almost impossible to capture most moments.
Lauren is SO smiley the last couple weeks.
Is 'smiley' a word?
I'm not sure my head is screwed on right anymore.
Let's see...
We go for her 2 month checkup on Wednesday so I'll report back then on her stats.
But for my own record, the last couple nights she's been a
She got a bottle at 6, went to bed after a little coaxing and slept without a peep until 2. After that, she just needed a pacifier a couple times and to be re-swaddled and basically slept until 6:30.
No bottle between 6 and 6:30.
Seriously awesome.
The night before was almost the same but 7-7.
I really really hope this continues. It's wonderful.
During the day, not so much.
All h-e (double hockey sticks) breaks loose and she doesn't nap.
There is almost nothing you can do to get her to sleep.
On the off chance she does fall asleep in the swing, she wakes up after 30 minutes because she no longer finds the rocking soothing. But wait, don't even think about turning it off once she falls asleep, because in that case she wants the rocking motion.
What am I getting at here, you ask??
We have one high-maintenance child!
But when she smiles, seriously, everything is right in the world again.
She's still in a few newborn outfits, still wearing size 1 diapers, she's really great at tracking you when you move around and she's very strong!
Best part?
Chloe absolutely adores her.
It's odd, I remember having some rough days when Chloe was this age, but I was able to focus 100% of my time on making her happy. We got a routine established early on and she's been thriving since then. With Lauren, I can't give such undivided attention because Chloe still needs her mommy too. Not to mention I can't be 2 places at once and since Lauren still needs help sleeping, she has to nap wherever we are which doesn't give her routine any consistency. I'm working on finding a balance but thank the heavens that Chloe is pretty independent for the most part.
I think I've said this before but I love love loved this stage with Chloe. But as Chloe grew, I loved every stage more and more and more... and now that she's 15 months, I can't imagine loving the next stage more but I know I will. I keep thinking that I can't wait for Lauren to play more, to talk, to walk.... but I keep having to remind myself that once she's out of the baby stage... Oh man I'm going to miss it, no matter how hard it is!!!

Hopefully by 3 months, I'll have a happier baby to report on.
Until then, we're going to enjoy the holidays with our families!
I'm done rambling for now, I've got a lot of things to do...
It takes lots of packing and planning to get these two knuckleheads away for a few days!

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alyssa said...

So jealous of Lauren's sleeping!! I'm lucky if I get one 4 hour stretch....but it's usually closer to 3 hours at a time!