Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You can thank Grandma Laura for these pictures…

…At least someone had time to pick up the camera around here!
chloeeyes1 LauraPics1 (3)_1  LauraPics1 (7)_1 LauraPics1 (10)_1 LauraPics2 (1)_1 LauraPics2 (4)_1 LauraPics7 (5)_1 LauraPics8 (4)_1   LauraPics0 (5)_1 LauraPics0 (6)_1 LauraPics9 (4)_1laurenandmama


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Thanks Laura.
Chloe looks much older in that first photo. I think she has more different expressions than any child I know. I love her many different faces, even the angry ones.
Papa Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Stop it right now. These pictures are too too cute. Thanks Laura. You are a great photographer. I need to see my babies. I miss all of you so much. xoxoxoMOM