Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lauren is 5 months!

              Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

I'm a few days late for this. So sue me.
Lauren, I never thought 5 months would sneak up on me like this.

I feel like it was just yesterday that you were coming home from the hospital.
We were so proud to be taking home our beautiful girl with a head full of dark hair.

You and I rode together in the back seat, your fingers wrapped tightly around mine.
And just like the very first time I looked at you,

I couldn't imagine loving you more...


But everyday our love grows more than we imagined possible.
You shine as brightly as your sister and fill us with a love I have never dreamed of.
You think Chloe hung the moon and she thinks you're pretty cool too. (For now at least)...

Tonight I read to you girls on the bed in your room and I got up to get another book and when I came back, you girls had both rolled towards each other on the bed, your hands were clasped and your foreheads were touching and you were just looking into each others eyes.
It was one of many of the moments I'll never forget.
You are just a dream.

You go to bed around 6:30 and we don't hear a peep until around 3:30 am for a quick bottle and you're back out until around 7:00 am.

You love your exersaucer, your swing, your playmat, your BebePod…IMG_6196_2

... Ok, you like basically everything…
You are just SO DANG HAPPY!
Although you do barf. A lot. A whole lot.
Weirdest part? You are still smiling then.
You roll from your tummy to your back, your back to your tummy...


Basically any which way you want.

You do crunches like you've been doing them all your life. You must have some strong abs.
You screech/talk/babble like a pterodactyl (the dinosaur) and it is so fun to hear you explore your voice.
Ohhh Lauren, you just make me want more babies.

You are content to lay on a blanket in the grass watching trees overhead or clouds pass you by.

You are so patient.

You aren't clingy or needy but you love attention.

Best of all??

You make life just *that* much better!
We love you peanut!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl. Happy Birthday Lauren. You and I have a very special bond. I love having you share my room when I come to visit. I wait for that 3:30 feeding because it is our time alone. Nobody else is awake in the entire house but you and me. I watch your sweet beautiful eyes look at me while you drink your bottle and I am in absolute heaven. I see so much of mommys look in your eyes. She had those almond eyes just like yours. She had the same look as a baby, watching me as she would drink her bottle. Pure magic. I love you angel. xooxoGIGI