Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yet another milestone.

Chloe is 1.5 years old.
She is changing right before our eyes.
And I love what I see...
(I choose to look past the whining and tantrums that seem to come along with this age)
She knows that when she puts on her outfit for the day, a bow is a must-have accessory.

She says 'bow' as if I need reminding that she’d like a bow.
And she wears one with pride.


And reminds me if she happens to pull it out.
She brings it to me and says, "bow" and patiently holds her head still so I can put it back in.
I know. Miraculous.

Today I realized she says 'Thank you' whenever you give her something she wants. Seriously. She has manners. It kills me.

Except when she toots. Then she laughs. Hysterically.
So I take back the part about her manners.

This morning, I also found her with my brush combing through her curly locks yet again. I asked her to put away the brush and she repeated 'brush' back to me clear as day.
Just like yesterday how she said about 5 new words (including Apple) clear as day. This morning I opened the fridge and she saw her sliced apples in there and she kept saying "apple, apple, apple" until I gave her one. To which she replied, "thank you".
I know. this sounds like no big deal. Ohhh but it is.
We've gotten by without her really talking and she understands almost 100% of what we say to her but to hear her actually vocalize her wants is incredible.
Until now, she has been talking incoherent sentences with a couple words we recognize thrown in, but now her words are really starting to make sense. I love it.

Does it really get more fun than this??


She's really into inside jokes.

She'll be a class clown is my guess.


If you stick out your neck like a chicken or a crazy person, she does the same thing and leans towards you until you can't help but laugh. (hard to describe, I know). But she looks hilarious doing it and really gets a kick out of you playing along.

She also plays a ‘blinking’ game. She likes to take turns blinking with you, no matter where you are in a room, she's happy to play along.

She loves going to the park, walking all the way there pushing her stroller.

She loves hanging out in the street and following the big kids as they speed along on their bikes and in their little battery powered Lightning McQueen cars.


Oh, and let’s not forget about her relentless adoration of this Princess Tea Set her daddy bought her.

 IMG_6040_1 IMG_6052 IMG_6054 IMG_6058 IMG_6059 IMG_6060 

Let’s see… Chloe is more than happy to point to her…

eyes (and say the word too!)…




nose (and say noooo for nose!)…

*HEY! Where’d my nose picture go?!*



She’ll also be more than happy to point out your body parts. If you’re really lucky she’ll throw in a finger up the nose, perhaps one to dig around in your mouth or gouge out your eye :)


All these milestones and exciting times aside, she is not without tantrums


I think a combination of teething and budding independence is too much for her some days.  But no matter how tough of a day she’s having, her smile can still melt the most stressed mama. Or dada. :)IMG_6150

(Have you noticed she’s never far from her bracelet and bow!?)

No clothes, but don’t worry…she’s got her accessories!

Sooo our dear Fudge, happy half birthday.



We celebrated today by spending 2 hours (and a few choice words) putting together your very first car.


You sure seem to love it… Even if you choose to crawl through the window.IMG_6155

You’re becoming such a fabulous young lady.

I enjoy walking with you while we both push our respective strollers up and down the street.

I love kissing your chubby little cheeks, playing with your curly-Q hair and looking deep into your GORGEOUS hazel eyes.

But my favorite?

Those random moments when you forget your independence and you feel an overwhelming need to give or get a hug or a love.

Your arms around me is pure heaven.

We love you, girlie!

P.S. Lauren loves you too!!



Ohhh sweet Lauren.

Sweet,Sweet Lauren.

Phew. That took me pretty much all day.

Well, other than setting up that crazy/cozy coupe.


Anonymous said...

That was really good Jen. It put a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

That was really good Jen. It put a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you always! xooxoMOM I love my girls so much. xoxo