Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm not sure how September snuck up on it like this, but it did.
I feel the same way about Lauren Walking.
She's a machine.
She also has 4 teeth that have arrived as if overnight and 2 more on the top just about to make an appearance.
Chloe now has a lock on her door and life is better for the most part. She actually gets into her bed at nighttime and goes right to sleep in her toddler bed.
It's a huge difference from a week ago when she wasn't sleeping at all and if she did, it was in my arms so I wasn't. Yes. You can say it was horrible. I'll agree. We all will.

From this whole no paci, toddler bed adventure I've learned that my child is competent on her own. She's independent and very strong-willed. Which is cool. She's also the bomb.

I'll even go as far as to say she's the coolest almost 2 year old on earth. Especially when she's well rested. It does wonders for her.

And then, like always, there's Lauren. So sweet and happy you can almost forget she's there.
Until she starts cracking up or smiling so big that it takes up the entire room. She's loving her independence and it's so fun to see her REALLY explore her world.
She listens SO well, especially when you say, "No Touch"... sometimes she actually listens! She also hates bows. I can't get her to leave one in her hair to save her life. Hope that changes, maybe when she realizes how cute they are. :)

We took our little peaches to the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend. It was such a nice time. We ended up getting a membership so I'm hoping we make good use out of it. The 1 hour drive wasn't a big deal and Chloe couldn't take her eyes off the Elephants and liked the monkeys a LOT. Perhaps because she is one!

Chloe is sitting at her big girl table on her laptop right now while I type this. Lauren is in the linen closet and has pulled out 8 thousand sheets, knocked over 40 rolls of toilet paper and is happy as a clam.

School is going well, I spend a couple hours a day studying but I really don't want to fall behind. I have tried studying while the girls were awake but it's beyond impossible. Lauren almost ripped a bunch of pages out of my $180 anatomy book so she's banned from helping me study :)
This will be an interesting road.

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