Monday, March 17, 2008

Hectic Much?

It seems like life is throwing us into a whirlwind right now. As if Chris taking 5 classes at once wasn't enough of a stress, It gets more interesting...

As of last Friday morning, I was really beginning to think that baby J would be a so-cal chick (or dude), at least for a while after birth.

Chris was scheduled today for an interview in Arizona next Monday (yes, he'll be flying out on Easter!). Now I know that everyone has job interviews, etc, but how many of them do a preliminary interview in person with a rep in California and then fly you out there to interview and have lunch with the big Cheeses, (while giving him an extra day to "explore phoenix")?? Actually sounds like one of those gimmicks where Airfare, Hotel and other expenses are free after just a quick 5 hour seminar!

The realization that something of this nature could possibly happen is particularly daunting right now. I had already been contemplating furniture arrangement for the nursery!! I had already decided that I could, Maybe, just maybe, keep on truckin' at the Surgery Center until September and then play it by ear... But who in Arizona is going to want to hire a 5 month pregnant (or more) chick and know she'll need some maternity leave soon!?

I haven't wanted to talk about what we'll do with the condo or working or anything yet because I don't want to put too much emphasis on the unknown regarding this job, there are quite a few things that would stop us from being able to move forward with our lives, particularly one condo by the freeway with brand new windows (which are heavenly I must say)!

I'm not sure how 'fresh' of a start this would give us considering we'd probably have to rent out the condo and make up the mortgage difference while we (most likely) rent something in Arizona... It's hard to accept that we'll be moving even further away from family than we already are, although I know my ASU-Alumni sister would be making the trip to visit us (GO Sundevils!) Haha. I'll have my pitchfork ready...On a side note, did they pick that mascot because it's hotter than he-l-l in Arizona?! I'm sure to those who are ASU alumni, that was a dumb question. Well, please enlighten me.

And now as I sit here and type this, I overhear Chris on the phone with his family saying, "I need to make sure I support my family"... Yup. Gushy McGusherson (aka. baby mama) started to cry.

*shhhh* Don't tell Chris...

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Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you and Chris, Jenn. I can't bear to think that Chris will get a job even further away, but I know you'll make whatever decision is right for you. You are both so wonderful and we know your little baby will be every bit as perfect as the two of you. Miss you.....

With Love, Aunt Suzy