Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's the little things...

That make me smile! I'm so glad Chris is home, it was weird having him away. I think that was really the first weekend that I've spent alone at our house, and it was definitely the first time that either one of us has flown without the other person since we met. Ok. With those milestones out of the way, I have to admit that I'm enamoured by the idea of moving! I like new adventures and new places and I think that (with a pool), I could really be okay in the blazing hot heat! I wonder how long that would last?

Since many inquiring minds want to know how the trip went, I'll summarize how it was although Chris posted a comment on the last blog entry. The guys in Arizona like him, and there is a good chance we'll end up there, but Chris and I know in the back of our minds that this isnt the best time to go; when he initially interviewed for Arizona, they were talking more in the timeframe of September (It would be nice if I could continue to work at my job for a while longer before leaving). Of course, if the offer comes along, we would probably try and find a way to go since the contract is up here the beginning of 2009. Long story short, this exact job wouldn't be the best fit for us (Chris would travel a lot to other countries, including the Middle East, Yuk!) and there are a lot of other openings in Arizona right now so we're hoping we can hold off on going a while longer.

And since this is Fifi's blog... I'm not going to show you what Fifi is this week, since it's an ugly Onion! No child of mine is an onion, however he/she can now hear us, and I've heard enjoys classical music... And to answer the infamous question, no... we haven't felt Baby J yet, and I'm ok with that considering I know I'll be poked and kicked for a good 20 weeks or so anyway, although I'm sure it is quite magical, especially after the 10000th time. :) Hehe.

Have a great week!


TL said...

Let me just say that Arizona is fabulous and the heat isn't really a big deal because everything is air conditioned. You will grow to LOVE the "mister" and I have always felt that there was nothing better than a hot summer night. Can't wait to hear what pans out - and I hope that little Fifi/Fofo will end up as a little Sundevil!

Anonymous said...

Well, I did get the offer, but as Jen mentioned, this is probably not the best time. I'm going to see what I can do about taking the job towards the end of the year. If we can work something out, that would be great. If not, then I guess Chloe will just have to be a Californian like the rest of us!