Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Daddy!

Today is Christopher's birthday! Yay!! (I think Chloe and I are more excited than he is. Ok. I know I am.) To mark this special occasion, Chloe decided that she no longer likes being swaddled. To make that even more momentous, she has also decided that she no longer likes being unswaddled either. We have a dilemma... Our kid won't sleep now. After having a rough couple nights, I put her in her crib to see if somehow she could nap unswaddled this morning and the second I laid her down, she was out. OUT.
See Evidence:
Haha. Ironically enough, about 10 minutes later she was up. Ugh. Homegirl needs to learn to sleep...either swaddled or not!
Please excuse the crummy camera work in the next videos. Chloe won't smile or talk if she sees the camera. I think it's just too much for her. What a drama queen. Wonder where she gets that from??


Anonymous said...

we are sooo looking forward to seeing Chloe next weekend!!! Oh and you guys too.
Love ya, Jennell, Jeff & Kailynn

Anonymous said...

How cute is that??? You are great Jenny to keep us up to date on Chloe's progress. She is ADORABLE. Am I prejudiced? YES!!! Love you all. Mom