Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Months..

What a bad mommy I would be if I didn't blog on her 3 month birthday! This birthday is harder to take than her 2 month one.... probably because it means we're 25% of the way through a year... Yikes. I know every post I say that it's flying by... but it really is... She's so amazingly fun, however. Every morning when I get her out of her crib, I almost have to pinch myself! I'm not sure how I got so lucky but I just am! :)

The Boring Part:
I want to write out Chloe's schedule at 3 months so I can always remember!
Let's see... at 3 months, Chloe's schedule is looking something like this:
Between 4 and 5 am, she wakes herself up but pretty easily goes back down with either just putting back her paci or rocking her for a few minutes (which I sure don't mind!)...Some nights are better than others, of course...
Around 6:40-7:00 Chloe gets up for the day... Big smile and all!
7:00 Bottle # 1 - 6 oz

Between 8 and 8:30 is her first nap... Usually about 1 hour

Between 9:30 and 10:00 is her second nap... also about an hour
11:15 Bottle # 2 - 6 oz
We usually get out and enjoy the day after her bottle... sometimes she'll nap on the go, sometimes she's just having too much fun!
This is where her napping goes a little haywire, we take it day to day, but she usually gets a good 2-3 hour nap at some point in the afternoon.
Like clockwork, her 3rd bottle is around 4:30 pm.
Then, it's play time! She helps me cook, she talks to her toys, she stares at the Christmas tree, she gives googly eyes at her daddy... she also catnaps in my arms for about 30 minutes...
Somewhere around 7:30 I give her a bath, massage, read her Goodnight Moon and give her ...
Bottle # 4... 8 oz.
She's in bed NO later than 8:30...
... you just swaddle her... give her her paci... and she's out like a light .... before you can turn off the light!
Phew. If you made it that far, Kudos to you! I just want to make sure I don't forget anything as she grows up... so since my mind stinks... at least I'll have it written!
She giggles a little now, Still loves her baths (but likes splashing just as much!), she got her first ride in her actual stroller yesterday and LOVED it...
...she loves cracking up and hasn't figured out the actual laugh and ends up sucking in air. Hilarious... She likes anything that moves, even typing as I'm finding out right now...
Ok. The Fun Part: On to the pictures:
(yes, you CAN hear the freeway in this video. Lucky you.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the fun chit chat and the great pictures. It was so cool to see the comparison of her on her lamb at birth and up until now. What a huge change. It is hardly possible she can look so different. Thanks. She will always love that you did this for her. I hope you have backed up the file. Priceless. xooxoMOM

Anonymous said... blog since December 10th. I hope you aren't spending all your time vacuuming with your new pink Dyson. What gives???
Love you all...Mom