Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Annual Johnson *Family* Christmas! (and more)

I'm not going to even try to write about what our First Christmas was like with Chloe. All I can say is that it was so special, entertaining and exciting. Everything is so much more fun when you see it through a child's eyes.

We are completely wiped out and had such a great time catching up with everyone...we even got to see Chris's side of the family! Of course we failed to take a big group picture (I am sorry!) We hope to see you soon!

A huge thank you to everyone for Chloe's fabulous Christmas presents... she sure does love them! (So does her mommy who can't wait to play with them/put her in them!) But seriously. She got a tot-sized kitchen (with 8 million little pieces - anyone want to help Chris put it together?), LOTS of great books, some adorable clothes, a gorgeous silver cup and SO much more. Chris and I also want to thank everyone for spoiling us as well!

I know everyone comes here just here for pictures (and there are a LOT), so in reverse order is our trip down to So-Cal:

1. Chloe's first aquarium trip (Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach)...December 26th. SO fun, she loved looking at all of the animals in the tanks!

2. Christmas Night Dinner at (great) Uncle Roger and Aunt Suzy's house (and Trent and Paige - woot woot). A huge shout out to Uncle Roy for an unreal Italian pasta smorgasbord! It was so amazing. Thank you for taking us in!

3. Her very first Christmas Morning:

4. Christmas Eve:

Christmas eve was spent at my sisters fabulous abode - we had feast of the seven fishes (click here for info). It was amazing as always. I made fishie cookies to go along with the feast. They were fun to make - although I would be alright if I never saw another fish cookie I think! :)
Thank you to the Larocca Family also for taking us in - I know we come with a lot of great baggage (but we also come with stinky diapers)... so we really appreciate your hospitality!

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