Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Chloe's new favorite toy:

Opening her last presents of the season...from mommy and daddy nonetheless!

I wasn't ready for 2008 to end. To me, it signifies the year of Chloe... I've never had one year change my life so drastically. I feel (and look) older, but at the same time, there's a happiness I never knew existed. And I say that after a couple nights with little sleep if you can believe it!

To say this New Year is bittersweet would be an understatement. I'm SO excited about what the future holds, I can't wait for Chloe to start showing even more of her personality (and perhaps sleep a little better)... but at the same time, I know every new thing she does just takes us farther and farther away from the day I first held her.
...which reminds me...
Instead of making new years resolutions that I fail to keep,
I've decided to participate in a couple things I've been hearing about lately.
The first is the ...
30 by 30 list
(30 things I want to do/accomplish before I turn 30).

...It was interesting deciding on only 30 things.
...Which is why I've also started a

101 in 1001 list.
(101 things in 1,001 days)...
This one seems really fun!
1001 days is about 2.75 years, so you won't feel guilty if you haven't done everything by the time next year rolls around :)

I can't wait to see what gets checked off!

So, to those of you reading, I know you're out there... even if you never comment...
I'd love to hear what your resolutions are (or see your lists!)
...maybe it should be your resolution to comment on blogs! :)...

My top priorities:
1. Learn Website Design
2. Learn Photoshop
3. Lose weight
4. Become a domestic goddess
Those aren't too hard, right? ha!


TL said...

Oh my gosh! Your top 2 are on my list too! Too funny! Miss you already. And I am SO SO SO sorry that Ashley got you all sick!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I can get my thoughts together, I will give you my short list. Hope all of you are doing well. xooxMOM

Anonymous said...

thanks for the list idea, i'm starting mine today. As for my current resolutions... Lose weight, get my life a lil more organized, visit the family more.. oh and the best one, be prego by halloween.