Sunday, January 18, 2009


*said infamous baby who will remain anonymous for fear of jinxing ourselves, may or may not have slept from 7-5:00 straight. then, she possibly awoke because she was hungry* Does anyone have any advice on getting her enough formula between 7 and 7? Because of the new sleep thing that she may or may not be involved in, she has dropped her early morning feed...which means she now can only get a max of 24 oz, which I really don't think is enough. She eats every 6 hours during the day (8 oz), and trying to feed her more often is a cruel joke for her. I think we may have to be starting a little rice cereal. Any advice? Por favor. It is greatly appreciated.
Muchas Gracias.
<~This baby appreciates your input. Since I know ALL of you lurkers out there are going to leave a comment with advice. Right?


Anonymous said...

Never too early for cereal!!! Go for it. Love you, Aunt Suzy

P.S. She is adorable

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree with aunt Suzy. It won't hurt to try. Love the picture. Love all of u 2. xooxMom

christina said...

I can't believe this is the second time I have tried to leave this comment..

She is darling! Taylor and I are enjoying her right now.
As far as the cereal goes, I seem to forget each stage as is passes Taylor says to try cereal at 2 !! I think I started the girls around 5 or 6 months. Always call the doctor if you aren't sure.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing, but you sounded desperate for some comments of advice. SO, my advice is to keep being the amazing mommy that you are! She is going to be the best behaved, most beautiful, and by far the most intelligent baby ever--until mine start to come poppin' out! hehehe....I love you guys! (fabulous photos mama!)

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo. No pictures yesterday. xooxMOM

Anonymous said...

Since I have no expertise in this...I asked my mom and she says cereal is great! Hope you're doing well and love all the pics of Chloe! I know you're an amazing mommy!!
~Christi :)