Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Chloe on the Phone with Grandma:

I booked my ticket for Chloe and I to go to Boston in April...
... I almost threw up a few times doing it.
I'm so excited, however. Despite my fear of flying (added with flying with an infant for the first time), I can't wait to see my beautiful, glowing pregnant Sister (who happens to be having the FIRST boy! Yahoo!) ANDDDDD my fabulous nieces (Taylor, Alex AND Ashley!) This is such a big deal; the 3 sisters rarely see each other so I'm beyond excited. Perhaps I can talk my brother-in-law into scoring us some Red Sox Tickets? Chloe has been DYING to go to Fenway :)

And because I can't post without babbling on and on about Chloe, lately she has become increasingly frustrated with the fact that she isn't able to do more on her own. She's mad that she doesn't have better control of her hands and fingers (all the toys eventually fall out of her grasp) and she's especially mad that she can't sit up on her own yet (she does little mini sit-ups, they're SO cute!)

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