Friday, January 16, 2009

Remember this...

I had promised myself that I would put myself together for my daughters arrival. I had, after all, cleaned the house from top to bottom and organized (and re-organized) her room. I had washed everything that would come in contact with her skin in the finest of detergents...
But I wanted our first meeting to be picture perfect. I wanted her to think her mom was beautiful the first time we locked eyes. (Yes, I am aware she could hardly see anyway. Besides, she just wanted some food, darnit!)

Call me vain, but I wanted to be one of those women who looked like what they had just accomplished had been no trouble at all. However, when it came down to it, all I wanted was to scream, holler and get her out. Forget brushing the hair, or applying anything remotely makeupish. I went au naturel. I'm not just talking about how she came into the world either. I'm talking about my face.

When I look at the pictures of me when she was first born, I can't help but feel a rush of emotion. She was so amazing, I remember every moment of that day (and many days afterwards). But, I also see a woman who doesn't look nearly as good as she feels.

So, my friends, I photoshopped it.
What a Cheater!
It's not over the top, but in my eyes, it is an improvement.

I'm sure it'll be tweaked more in the future... but for now... this is as good as it gets :)
So dear daughter, I hope you always remember me as the bestest, most beautiful mom... .makeup or not.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny. You are truly amazing. You are beautiful in both pix and such a sweet and caring mom. The stories you tell are so touching and adorable. Chloe will love you even more than she does when she is old enough to read. (She hasn't started reading yet, has she?) Thanks for sharing....that day seems like yesterday. xoxoxoYour Mom