Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loving You...

...Is Easy Cause You're Beautiful!
Seriously. Chris and I are so lucky to have such a fabulous, happy, thriving, healthy child.
(albeit somewhat drool-soaked)
Nothing in the world comes close to the amazing feeling of holding her close,

watching her explore our big world,

or hearing her little giggle...

At the same time, I wasn't prepared for how my heart would ache when she cries.
Yesterday, Chloe got a little bruiser.
(no biggie!)

Going to bed last night, it dawned on me
I have never felt more like a mom than I did yesterday when she needed comforting.
Changing poopy diapers and feeding her at 3 am would do it you'd think...
but it wasn't until she had a little bump that I actually felt like a real mom.

I mean, what's more motherly than comforting your crying child?

At that exact moment,
I knew there was nothing my baby wanted more than her parents loving arms.
What a crazy feeling.
I dunno,
I guess that up until that point,
I kinda felt like there wasn't anything I could do for her that nobody else could.

I felt like I had just been getting to babysit and at any minute her real parents would come home... After all, anyone can give her a bottle, anyone can put her to bed, give her a bath, take her for a stroll...
but there is NOTHING,
(and I mean nothing)
better than having your mommy there when you want to cry.
How do I know?
I speak from experience,
Anyway, to celebrate my new found motherliness...
even more pictures of my favorite subject.

As if you haven't already seen enough.


Anonymous said...

I see Jen didn't want to tattle on me, but the bruise was my fault. I didn't mean it Chloe =(. Stupid ceiling fan is way too close to my head, and in my rush to change a slightly soiled baby (no names), I bumped her head on the light attached to the ceiling fan. I don't think I've freaked out so much in my life. I really felt horrible. Once Chloe stopped crying, I was about to rip the fan out of the roof. Decided against it for now... As payback, I let Chloe pull my hair for a few minutes. I guess we are kind of even... Well that plus the few times I've been puked on should be about even... Ok, not quite...


Anonymous said...

Jenny and Chloe...OK. You have really done it this time. I don't know how you do it but you melt me everytime. Today was it!!!! Between the incredible pictures and the beautiful words, I am a mess! I know I know. I asked for it. I just can't believe how you are able to capture the expressions, the face and the feelings so well. I have always wanted to explain those feelings to you but I always fell short. Chloe will love reading and seeing the love you have put into this everyday! You are amazing....I LOVE YOU. Just as you love your Chloe, I love you for all the times you need me. I always told you that someday you would understand a mom's love when you had your own children. Lesson learned. xooxoxMOM

Anonymous said...

I can't stay away from these pictures and the music is so so sweet. xooxoMom