Friday, January 2, 2009

Adventures in Photoshop # 1

I think I need to start a new blog... I haven't decided quite yet. I am working on my Photoshop skills, but they need some serious help!




My new camera arrives next Tuesday. Oh, I haven't told you about that? Yeah... I've been drooling over the Canon DSLR cameras for a while now... I couldn't really justify the purchase, but last week I realized it was no longer just a want, it had become a necessity! Haha. I have such a beautiful baby, a regular old point and shoot just won't cut it anymore.

Thanks to my fabulous baby model, I've recently discovered I have a genuine interest in photography. Who would have known?!

Maybe someday I can figure out our wedding photographer's secret to great baby photos: Sweet Baby Photo

Have I mentioned I'm going to be a famous photographer soon??
Haha. Ya Right.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Those are great. YOu have a great subject....let's see some more. I can't wait. You can change them daily and I will be happy. Love you.....Mom