Thursday, December 18, 2008


You Heard Me! I said Bestest.
This year, we were blessed with the best present of all. No offense, folks... but seriously. This trumps any present you might be giving or receiving...

Unfortunately, this gift is one of a kind and you won't be able to get it from us for any amount of money - although if you bribe us with a full nights sleep, we might take you up on it for a night! :)

That being said, I have to refer to my last post which was about her fabulous sleep habits at 3 months.
About that...
Go ahead and Scratch that.
We might as well delete that post.

Literally that night, she woke up every.single.hour. ... I thought it was just a bad night.
Turns out it wasn't.
The night after that, she woke up every.single. HALF. hour.
Half hour.
Needless to say, she's slightly better, but she's up at 1 am every night and doesn't really go back to bed until I give in, feed her and re-insert the pacifier for a good 45 minutes.
What happened to my great sleeper?!
Please come back, dear!!
Please tell me this is normal and she'll get over it?

But seriously, look at this face: how could you be mad. Oh yeah, and when she gets up at night, all she wants to do is laugh and smile at you. So hard not to get up and play with her!

Showing off her dress-eating skills for the camera! What a ham.

And Yes. The stripy thing in the bottom left corner is her errant sock-covered foot making an appearance.

Sorry in advance for all the drool!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am so happy. I love the pictures. You don't even have to blog...just post pictures. xoxooMOM/Grandma Lynn