Wednesday, October 21, 2009

39 Weeks.

I have been stripped.
What a gross term.
In any case, I had my membranes stripped today at my appointment.
Too much information for you?
Ya. I thought so.
Now...We wait.
I'm not expecting much but dang it would be cool if it put us into labor.
I can't stand a whole lot more to be honest.
I have also made more progress...which is just craazy!
We're dilated to a 2 (up from 1 two weeks ago!)
I'm 75% effaced (up from 50% two weeks ago)
The midwife was really surprised at how low Lauren is already...She's locked and loaded.
The head is at a 0 station (I was -1 two weeks ago...+2 is when the baby is coming out basically)
Let's see... she also did a quick ultrasound to check the fluid level... it's about a 7.5 which is fine for this point in pregnancy. Anything lower than 5 is a concern.
In other exciting news, I guess I had a contraction when she was doing my internal... I couldn't even feel it!
So anyway...this could all mean something or it could mean absolutely nothing.
I'm going to be optimistic and hope it means she'll come on her own before too overdue.
I can handle 40 weeks and change... I cant' handle 42 weeks. NO WAY.

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