Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm really in the mood for fall.
I want to curl up by the fire and sip my hot cocoa while outside the snow drifts by the window.
As my dad would say...
Get real, Betty!
The central coast hardly allows for a sweater, let alone snow drifts.
Someday perhaps.
Until then, I plan on taking Chloe to the barn for some pumpkin pictures soon.
Stay tuned.

Which reminds me...
If anyone wants to borrow her and bring her back when her teeth have come in and she's sweet again, please be my guest.
Honestly, I hardly even recognize my child at this point.
This past week, when we've been out in public, people see her, pause to stop and admire her... and she promptly frowns and either screams or cries. Needless to say they walk away as fast as possible. She is NOT sweet. These better be some huge teeth or something. We went to the outlets today with Gabby and Andrea and it was pretty much embarrassing how Chloe was acting.
I mean, don't get me wrong, she's still my baby and I love her dearly but PLEASE oh PLEASE will these front teeth break through already?!
Monday she was cranky...Tuesday she was worse...Wednesday she was even worse... (see where this is going??) Actually, people commented at the mommy & me group how she wasn't 'herself' AND the midwife at my appointment basically said the same thing... so yeah.
I want my sweetheart back.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe what you are saying about sweet Chloe. You must be pinching her or something. If you aren't, be patient. It only lasts for a little while. Why dont you try whiskey on her always worked for you but it did interfere with your ability to walk. Just joking. I need more pictures please...even if she is acting up. Give her a hug from me. xooxoMOM Thinking of all of you today!

Anonymous said...

We will take her until her teeth come in!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxGigi