Sunday, February 28, 2010

16 GB.

That equates to roughly 1700 pictures.

In 3 days.

I must get busy. I have a lot to edit.

This past week I took the girls down South to visit my parents.

And took a little trip down memory lane when I had a photo shoot with a friend from high school and her amazing family.

I have to be honest.

It is so weird to hang out with someone you watched Ferngully with as a  child and now meeting their husband AND their daughter!IMG_5226_1logo

I had so much fun and I am looking forward to coming back down and taking pictures with you guys again when the weather cooperates!

Abigail is a complete delight and Troy had me laughing non-stop!


Chloe really loved joining your family for a few shots also.IMG_5075_1logo

Now I’m off to spend a little time with the husband before bedtime!

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Rachel said...

Thank you soooo much again!! The pictures look beautiful. Cant wait to see the rest of them!!!!! I want to watch Ferngully again. LOL