Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A post about POOP.

So this morning I found myself the lucky recipient of a poop shower.


A Poop Shower.


As in poop went flying through the air.

Except more in a horizontal arc than vertical.

I’m not sure how she managed to hit so many different surfaces but that 3 month old sure can aim.

I’m not naming names.

See what a great mom I am?

Anyway, after taking a picture of the crime scene and sending it to Chris at work, I got busy cleaning up.

The man has a right to know what fun he’s missing at home!

I mean, Lauren actually coated her bathtub!

She wasn’t messing around.

I mean, really child, I understand you might not be partial to taking a bath, but do you have to literally sh*t on it?!

So after cleaning, I feel like I, too, deserve a nap.


I laid my head down on my pillow, it felt SOOOO nice.

Then I thought of my mom.

IMG_3159_1The one who comments 12 times on every post not only to give me a good laugh but also to guilt me into making sure I post again as soon as possible.

So mom, this missed opportunity for a nap is for you.



See? I can hand out guilt too!

These pictures of Lauren were all taken immediately Pre-Poop Explosion 2010.


I should have known by her expression that a storm was brewing…IMG_3226_1IMG_3263_1

These pictures of Chloe are significant because they show:

1. How extremely active and impossible she is to get a good picture of. IMG_3166IMG_3233IMG_3131

say “cheese” doesn’t work on her. 





Instead, she chooses to jump and bounce and run and turn her back to the camera.




2. Chloe is teething something fierce.

Need Proof? Here’s Exhibit A: The poor otters never saw it coming.


3. Chloe chooses to rip apart one of her favorite books while I feed Lauren one afternoon.  Really now?  I guess she couldn’t figure out how the book worked, so she decided to dismantle it and find out. Just like her mom would have. (see her pointing to it as she explains to me exactly how she created something so fabulous?!)


If you’ll excuse me, Little Miss next to me just had another explosion.

It’s been fun.


Come back again sometime!



Anonymous said...

Sending me a picture of that was not necessary... At least I already had lunch.

Anonymous said...

Jenny. I am feeling so guilty for your lack of a nap, NOT! Those pictures are such a boost to my day! The girls are beautiful and Lauren is so adorable now too. Of course, Chloe never takes a bad picture. Is that Sparky, your old puppy dog who went to junior high camp with you in Chloe's clutches? I am smiling ear to ear right now at my desk. I need to go home...it is going to be 6 soon. I can't bring myself to close the blog and see the pictures disappear. I love them so much. Thank you Jenny. I will have to think of a new way to guilt you! xooxoxMOM/GIGI Kisses to everyone.

Anonymous said...

The poor otters never saw it coming.....i can't stop laughing at that! You really should be writing a book with these. xoxoMOM

Anonymous said...

Only you Jen can turn poop in to a cute story that everyone can laugh and relate too.LJ