Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Busy

Life is so hectic…

It’s taken me all morning to get these pictures up but hopefully it’s worth it.

It’s just too fun around here.


I am putting Chloe in front of the boob tube so she can watch Sesame Street in her favorite chair (my glider) with her juicy, blankie and Penelope so I can finish these up.



IMG_2989 IMG_2995IMG_2994  IMG_2999_1 IMG_3013_1    IMG_3047_1 IMG_3114_boost     IMG_2908_1 IMG_2914_1 IMG_2923 IMG_2929 IMG_2937 

The plight of an unsuspecting baby sister…

IMG_2939IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2942


Chloe saying “Oh, I didn’t see you there!”


“You’re so cool!”


IMG_29571IMG_29541IMG_29561IMG_2948 IMG_2951

Lauren watching her big sister adoringly!

(like always)



Honorable Mentions for today:

Lauren is VERY ticklish. 

She belly laughs.

As of today she’s in size 2 diapers.

She goes down for naps and bedtime like a true champ.

…Staying asleep at night, not so much.

She grabs toys and holds them now also!

Chloe is boycotting the 2 nap a day game.

It’s 1:00.

Time for her first (and only) nap of the day.

Chris has school today until 7 pm.

Not looking forward to the witching hour with the girls on my own.

I see a park in our future.

Phew. Just in time. Chloe’s over Elmo even though Elmo’s not over.

Gotta Run!


Anonymous said...

So so cute! xoxoMOM

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am back again....looking for more photos. It's OK. I enjoy scrolling through the old ones too. Just getting my daily "fix" of the girls. You in a couple of pictures would be nice too even if this blog is all about Chloe and Lauren. xooxoMom Miss you so much. GIGI

Anonymous said...

It's me again. Are you as intrigued over the many faces of Lauren as I am? Every picture shows a different side of her. She has so many expressions...just like Chloe! I zoom in to 150% to see all their little features. Heaven. Love you....MOM