Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain…

Don’t go away!

We’re still having fun with you today…

*edited to add…Lauren is 3 months today!!!*

IMG_2885_1 IMG_2598 IMG_2611 IMG_2637

Chloe decided Lauren needed not one but TWO bottles!

IMG_2656 IMG_2658 IMG_2677

Chloe, AKA The Monkey…

IMG_2680 IMG_2681 IMG_2682 IMG_2683 IMG_2684 IMG_2685 IMG_2687

As requested, pictures of the house…


…not requested but included for entertainment purposes, pictures of the toy tornado…


…The toy cleanup fairy can’t keep up!!

See Lauren hanging out in her swing?

IMG_2702_1   IMG_2729_1


Putting the slide to good use.


IMG_2753 IMG_2761 IMG_2763 IMG_2765 IMG_2773 IMG_2798IMG_2775 IMG_2793  IMG_2808 IMG_2849_1 IMG_2864_1 IMG_2865-1 IMG_2868_1 IMG_2870_1 IMG_2873_1 IMG_2874_1

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Anonymous said...

Heaven on earth! Love those girls.....and their mommy too! xoxoMOM/GIGI