Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life is Beautiful!

The weather may be ugly out, but don’t be fooled!


There’s a lot of fun to be had inside.


Lauren is just beyond happy.


Just hangs out with the girls.


She giggles and laughs and loves peek-a-boo.


(and gives weird looks)

She is so in love with her big sister as well.


Said big sister is acting even more grown up as the minutes pass.


She is constantly wearing her bracelet and walking around the house on her phone chatting with Elmo.

Or sitting on our dining room chairs.

Big girl style.


Pretty scary, actually, since there is no longer carpet underneath.

As you can see, she also enjoys wearing her monkey pajamas far beyond her 7am wakeup call.

We’ve probably met 15-20 people in the week and a half that we’ve lived here.


Everyone is so friendly and we’re really loving our new digs.

Especially the kitchen.


Everyone gets in on the dinnertime fun.


The park is less than 2 minutes away and Chloe has met a couple friends for herself.               IMG_2553_1  So yes. While we’d rather be at the park, it’s fun to just be inside.

Warning: Bragging ahead…


BOTH girls are peacefully resting in their respective rooms.


Now if I can just get in a quick workout before they wake up!




Anonymous said...

House pictures too please! Dying to see your new place! Love, T

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you have room for all your appliances and canisters. You have cupboards for all your wedding dishes and china. You have space to make pies and pumpkin rolls. I need to get down there and see this place. I agree with T, need house pictures too. Beautiful pics of the girls, they do look so happy.

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with your girls. They are magnificent. Thanks for all the pictures honey. xoxooMOM

Anonymous said...

I cannot stop looking at these pictures. I miss the girls. When can I see them again? xooxoxMOM/GIGI