Monday, January 11, 2010


What a whirlwind we've had the last couple weeks.
The day after Christmas, we got a call about a home we needed to take a look at that is for rent.
It seems like so long ago that Chris and I were driving to check out the house and trying to tell ourselves why we shouldn't move right away and that we'd have to absolutely love the home for us to possibly think about doing it. Basically trying to come up with 1000 reasons not to start paying rent.

One step inside and we were in trouble.
1. THERE IS A YARD. (Chloe is in heaven).
2. There is a HUGE, RIDICULOUS kitchen. (Granite Countertops, TONS of cabinets!)
3. There is a HUGE, RIDICULOUS master bathroom. (separate tub AND shower)
4. 3 Bedrooms. (Need I say more?!)
5. Laundry Room.
6. Only 1 story!
Okay. I'll stop listing off the awesome details...
Ohh did I mention it's a great area/neighborhood?!
Okay. Now I'm done.

Fast forward a just 2 weeks and we're in.
Like In.In.
I am in heaven.
Chloe is in heaven.
So that's what's going on with us.
Life has done a complete 360.
I'll post when things get a little quieter.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny. So glad we could be a part of it all. I am soooo happy for all of you. I could tell that Chloe is tickled pink that she has a yard to play in. Just watching her go in and out of the sliding door to the patio is fun to watch. She really thinks she is "big stuff" now. Lauren has changed so much and is such a good baby. She seems happy and contented with the change as well. Now.....I want you to take more time for YOU!. You are on the go with babies and cleaning and feeding from the middle of the night with Lauren and 6:30 am with Chloe. You have to nap and take time to get out without anyone asking for a bottle, a snack, a meal! I love you....and hope you can make that happen. Join a book club in the evening or after Chris gets home. Get your nails done. Get a massage. Pamper yourself on a regular basis and do something just for you. You are a great great mom and wife....and daughter. I love you all. xoxoMOM