Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ok, Ok…

You got me.

I like sacrificing my own nap to look at pictures of my girls.


Yes. Even while they sleep I can’t get enough of them.

I seriously want to pinch their cheeks through these pictures….

and Lauren’s eyes!


Oh my gosh.



Then again,

Chloe’s are purely heaven also!

I can’t believe how different these girls are.

Lauren slept from 7:00 pm to 5:00 needing her paci only once around 3:00 am.

She’s Da Bomb.

Just for a good laugh…

Here’s what’s going on outside of the camera frame whenever I’m taking pictures.



Chloe is never more than 1/2 a foot away from her sister at any given moment.IMG_3371

Which means you have to constantly catch her and stop her from toppling over on her unsuspecting sister.


If you only knew the chaos of trying to play with both girls, take pictures and avoid Chloe using her sister as a stepping stool.


My favorite naptime activity:

Turning on my desktop…

…Turning up Pandora (Coldplay Mix is awesome!)

…and looking at pictures from that morning.IMG_3318_1

This one cracks me up: 

IMG_3321 IMG_3335    IMG_3387 IMG_3399 IMG_3407

At least all Chloe’s crankiness isn’t without reason.
Yesterday I spotted a little tooth poking through on the bottom to the right of her other two!

In other exciting news, Chloe realized (yes, just today) that her sister is actually a playmate of hers.  She wanted Lauren to play with these toys SO badly.


Sure enough, Lauren grabbed right on.

Chloe was so excited.

IMG_3304_1    I could do this all day long.




Anonymous said...

Pure pleasure. I can look at these faces all day long! You are such a sweetheart to do this for me....all of us! It makes me feel like I am right there....(except for the touching of that soft skin and those tiny hands.) Pure magic. I am in heaven right now. xooxoxMOM

Anonymous said...

Good morning. Just getting my Chloe and Lauren "fix" for the morning. Makes my day!!! xooxMOM