Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I’m exhausted but happy.


The girls and I had a great day.

Lauren took a 4 hour nap today.

Chloe took 2 naps today.


For the first time in over a month.

We went to the park not once but TWICE to celebrate.

Oh yeah, and I FINALLY organized the garage.



At least I can park in there again.


Chloe’s “Trick”.Seriously.A headstand.No hands.

IMG_3746 IMG_3758 IMG_3760 IMG_3768

Is it bad that I had to snap a picture before I removed the cheerios?IMG_3784 IMG_3787_1  IMG_3671


…Because no post is complete without completely mortifying my child 20 years from now…


Girls, you make me so happy.

Chloe, the way you mimic everything we say and every movement we make just makes us grin from ear to ear.

You say “Mo”-AKA More CONSTANTLY. Especially when you want more milk.

Even if your sippy cup is still completely full.

You love taking things to the trash and throwing them out.

You love feeding “MELMO” – AKA Elmo your cheerios.

You love brushing the hair on your dolly.

And her teeth.

But not yours.

You have this silly shoulder shrug that cracks us up.

You love to sit on my lap and read books.

You have finally become more clingy.

I have to admit, I love it.

Oh yeah… You have not put Penelope down since you got her at Christmas.

You have also hijacked Lauren’s Penelope.

So you’re now attached to 1. A pacifier, 2. A Penelope (or two), 3. A knitted blankie.

I have no idea how we’re going to get you to go to Kindergarten without all 3.

And dear Lauren…

… you’re just da bomb.

You belly laugh like I could never have imagined.

Your squeals of laughter resonate in my mind far after you’ve fallen asleep.

Today at the park I laid you on a blanket and you were in complete heaven.

See ya at 2 am, girl.

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Anonymous said...

I am in heaven this morning. Nothing is better than getting new pictures except holding them and seeing these expressions for myself. Love you. xoxoxoGIGI/MOM