Monday, April 7, 2008

As Promised...

As promised in my post earlier this morning...Pictures of Ollie the Octopus and Lulu the Lamb...imagine us toting these throughout the Mission Viejo Mall! (fat chance, ha!) We had the store take them out the back way and inconspicuously put them into our car...however, we didn't know until we got home that they were facing backwards and everyone that drove by us (in Newport Coast, nonetheless) could clearly see them! They must have thought we were nuts!!

Ollie the Octopus and Ashley... and Ollie with Tracee... I wonder who we REALLY bought Ollie for??

Pictures of our goods!! (on a side note, we bought a fabulous dresser/changing table today on a whim!), AND... our Crib is in!!! (We just have to pick it up!) Could it get any better?!

Here's Lulu the Lamb on our dresser which is displaying some of Chloe's new outfits!! It's such a treat going to all the uppity stores for baby clothes shopping! tracee said it's like skid row for crack addicts! True dat.

Please note the adorable polka dot dress and her chic coat (below) for when she visits Ashley and Tracee! The back has the most ridiculous bow and pleats. Get out of town.

Ok... Perhaps I can make Chris go get the crib now...


Erin Palos said...

Oh my gosh! I found this link through Tracee's blog. I can't believe you didn't tell me you are pregnant.
Congratulations you two!!!! When can we schedule the maternity pictures?!?!

I am so happy for you guys!

P.s. I love the picture of you two, must have been a really cool photographer who took that picture. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jenny. I wouldn't have missed this weekend for anything. It was so much fun shopping with you and Tracee and choosing little things for Chloe to look adorable in. Anytime I can spend time with my girls is a joy and a treat....oh, and little Chloe too. You are right...I am wondering who I bought Ollie the Octopus for....Ashley or Tracee. I think Ashley is going to have to break it to her mom that mom is too big for Ollie. Maybe I should have bought the Monkey for Tracee! How lucky am I to have such great girls....and so many of them. Love you and I can't wait to shop again! Love you....and love the dresser. xooxoxMOM

Kelly said...

I just got all caught up on the blog. I've missed a lot! Yah for finally get to shop, and I must say that I am jealous that you are having babies before me--Chloe has always been one of my favorite names. So for reals, you coming to visit and shop?!?! You haven't seen "uppity" shopping until you've been to Santana Row! Not to mention the other 5 million huge malls in San Jose/Gilroy area. Hope you have your walking shoes on! I miss you and love you tons!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chloe. No news for days. I need to know how you are doing. Love you....I hope you are treating your mom well. She loves you!! Gigi