Monday, April 21, 2008

What is this?!

Soo...I was feeling guilty today about not having anything exciting or adorable to post about ...

(and despite the request for a belly shot, I won't subject anyone to one of those at this point)
As Chris and I sat on the couch tonight, Chris begins telling me how BIG Fifi is getting (by Fifi he means Jen's Huge a** expanding the nicest way of course), when the doorbell rang!!

What is this?!

Could it be something new to post about?!! Why YES, It is!!!

Let the record show that today, Chloe got her first ever very own package in the mail from her cousin Ashley (and her mommy and daddy of course).

You won't believe just how cute the goodies she got are! ... ok... ok.... ya got me; if you know Tracee and Ashley's taste, you won't be surprised at the cute factor of her very first set of towels... and they're monogrammed! OK. Stop blabbing and show the pics already, jen!

OMG. Stop it. Do you see the ridiculously cute caterpillar?! Get.Out.Now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Chloe is such a lucky little girl to have a cousin like Ashley. They are going to be such cute and adorable playmates! Love the towels...and the incredible sister Tracee Lynn is to you Jenny. With all she is dealing with right now with her hectic life, she stopped to think of your joy! She loves you very much. I am thrilled you all have one another. What great fun lies ahead for all of us. Thanks for sharing. (Still want that pregnant shot)! Love Mom (Gigi)