Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I <3 Kelly.

Dear Roomie. I miss you and had so much fun with you this weekend! I hope we get another girls weekend soon, I know Chloe is dying to spend more time with you.
I miss Margaritas and Steaks with you.
I miss Margaritas period.
I miss you period!
Love, Your Bestest, Favoritiest Roomie Ever.

This past weekend I went to Saratoga to visit my old roomie Kelly (Aunt Kelly)! Not only did we get in a FULL day of shopping at the fabulous Stanford mall but I also got to spend her birthday with her!!! We went to a comedy club which was a blast and I guess that I just don't realize how much I LOVE Kelly and need her in my life until we see each other. It's like we were never apart! Seriously - I have this amazing friendship with Kelly that nobody has ever come close to ... Point is, I had more fun than you would even know! We had such fun adventures, only got lost a few times, bought a houseplant that was dubbed "George", made fabulous funfetti cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (she's the best baker ever!) AND MORE!

Please enjoy the blurry pictures from our weekend!

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