Monday, May 5, 2008


You heard me!!! I want to buy EVERYTHING I see that is made for babies! My rationale behind this is that well... we NEED lots of things for her...right?? Ok...bad rationale, I know....

For example... I'm currently stumped as to which of the burp rags on the following site I want to buy:
I know I'm going to make a purchase but they're ALL so cute! How do you decide?? What is Chris's response to my inability to decide on which ones I want to have made for Chloe you might ask? "Why do you have to get a fancy one, she's just going to barf on it!" Silly boys! Our princess will have nothing but the finest BARF rags :)

So in more tangible Fifi Purchase news... My fabulous hubby decided to humor me and buy me a Peanut Shell Sling for Mothers Day! (Considering I'm already being kicked around by babycakes I think this should count as my first mothers day!) And Look! It's not pink!!...

Maybe I'll try it out with a bag of flour when it comes. :)

OH yeah! And in HUGE purchase news, we made our biggest (and hopefully last large) baby purchase... Our Glider!! WOOHOO!

What an interesting adventure...

Chris went with me (which should worry everyone immediately because not only were we going shopping but it was BABY Shopping, not even Best Buy shopping) but in the end all was well... Minus the fact that he made me cry in the store...Just kidding. Kinda.

So in any case, I had pretty much decided which chair I want and my heart set on a fully upholstered glider that was also a recliner, but when we got to the store, not only did Chris hate it (He'd LOVE a crusty ole granny rocker if he had his choice I think), but he made me realize that there was NO way my HUGE, ridiculously comfy chair would go up our stairs and then gave me a detailed story of how I'd be going up and down the stairs in the wee hours of the morning with Fifi and he didn't think it was safe...blah blah blah... (Ok, the man had a point)...

Chair that got the boot:

End Result: I gave up my big comfy chair dream and we came to a really fabulous middle of the road conclusion where we were both quite happy and in just 6-9 short weeks (which in the baby furniture industry means 12-16 weeks), we'll have a gorgeous micro-fiber chocolate brown glider with ottoman!! I'm so darn excited.

Chair that Triumphed!

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