Tuesday, May 27, 2008

99 Days!!

Yup. That's right. I thought that deserved a post. We officially have 99 days to go. It's a huge landmark that I honestly didn't think we'd ever get to but now that we're here, the days and weeks seem to be flying by! That could be due to the fact that we've been busy every single weekend lately.

This is the point at which I must comment on our busy Memorial Day weekend. My sister and her 2 daughters were visiting from Boston so we made the (5 hour!) trek to the Orange County to be fully-immersed in kid-city. We had an 8 month old, a 1.5 yr old, a 3.5 yr old and a pregnant whale present. And I mean that in the nicest way. It was so much fun interacting with all three of our nieces and learning their personalities. I hate that we don't live closer, I miss my sister tons! My family also had a nice birthday dinner for me complete with Sprinkles cupcakes and gifts (it's been a few years since we've all been together for my birthday...so fun!) Oh yeah... I can't forget to mention that Chris found himself a little girlfriend in our 8 month old niece who literally could not look away from him... she reserved her good behavior and googly eyes for him. (yes, the same man that swore up and down to me that he scared babies). The weekend really did go way too fast.

So, for anyone behind on Chloe's developments, this past weekend was the first time we were able to see her move from the outside. She started going crazy Saturday night while I was lying in bed and Chris and my dad were playing drunken Wii bowling (meaning he missed the really crazy movements but caught some smaller ones). I'm pretty sure we lost track of Christopher's margaritas at #8... evidently he's a big hit smashed... Anyway - Chloe is obviously getting strong and I'm growing more uncomfortable by the hour...but it's all worth it. Today I also got to drink the fabulous sugar drink to test for Gestational Diabetes. Let's all cross our fingers they don't cut me off from delicious sugary treats!! I would probably wilt. Or at least Cry.

I hope everyone had as much fun this last weekend as we did... I was so sad this morning at work when I looked at the clock and realized it was 7:00 and my sisters plane was on it's way down the runway back to Boston... We'll have to take Chloe out to visit them next!

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