Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Brand New Motherly Do!

...Hair-Do that is !...

We've officially made it to 24 weeks today and to show off my excitement, I got my hair did! Haha. It's been getting great reviews and was MUCH needed. I sat down in the stylists chair and I think I frightened her. Evidently I was looking very 'motherly' already - AKA - Lookin' like crap. Oh dear. At least she covered all the gray hair!! Please forgive the creepy picture... I promise better pictures to come, especially after our Birthday/Anniversary/Babymoon trip we have planned to Monterey May 30th-June 1st!!! We're both getting so excited to get away for a weekend alone.

1 comment:

TL said...

OK - I think we now have the same haircut! (Talk about motherly!) Kidding ... it looks FABULOUS! (I like it on me too! Ha Ha!) Can't wait to see you in a week!