Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy (Early) Mothers Day! ...And Lots More.

I know it's early but I won't be around to say Happy Mothers Day since I'll be vacationing at the *gorgeous* Fess Parker Resort on the waterfront in Santa Barbara for a couple days with my very own Mamacita! I'm very excited to catch up with her.

As we get farther and farther along in this pregnancy I reflect more and more on my own relationship with my mom and want so badly to have a fabulous relationship with my own daughter. It just puts into perspective the whole mother/daughter thing.

It took 23 years but I am finally able to look at my relationship with my mom from the other side and I am finally coming to understand just how strong and unconditional a mothers love really is! It's amazing how Fifi isn't even here and I'd do anything in the entire world to give her the best chance at happiness and success in life; I can't wait to tell her that I'm her biggest supporter! (My mom was good at that one...she was also great at cheering me on during games from the sidelines, much to my pre-teen and teenage dismay!). This mothers day will be my last quiet one for a long time and I'm sure I'll spend a good portion of it reflecting and looking forward to the future and all the good times (and perhaps frustrating times) that having Fifi will bring to our family.

Other odds and ends...

I think Chris is getting more and more excited on a daily basis...
We were at Trader Joes after dinner tonight and he keep looking down at the cookies I had in my hand oddly (I swore he was thinking that I don't need to consume any more cookies), so finally I said, "WHAT are you staring at?!" He said, "It's just that...You really look pregnant now... There's definitely a Fifi in there!" Uhhh DUH! Silly boy. Needless to say, he didn't stop looking. Then...(and this could have been the margarita talking) he put his hand on my stomach and rubbed it...


PDA in Trader Joes?! How very un-christopher-like! Haha.

Ok. SO it could have been his 2nd El Presidente margarita talking.

He's getting so cute about Fifi and it is so fun to watch as he comes to recognize Fifi as being real and tangible. I had been worried it might take him until I'm either looking like a total whale or even until she was born... So I'm definitely looking forward to the next 4 *quiet* months with him in our unborn parental bliss. Not to mention the John Mayer concert that I bought tickets for when I'll be 34 weeks along. The concert will take place in the armpit of California at the end of July in Paso Robles (well above 100 degree temps on a daily basis during summer)...miserable much, Jen?? Haha. I can't wait!!

Chris thinks we'll get more room this way as nobody will want to be near a woman who looks like she is about to "explode at any moment". Thanks Dear.

This post and the entire blog for that matter jumps everywhere and is quite random, but I explained to Chris the other day (although he still thinks I'm crazy I'm sure), that I want to make sure I write down as much as I can so that I have a way to look back on this pregnancy. This blog is as much for me as it is for keeping everyone who is so far away in the loop!

Which reminds me, the last couple of weeks Chloe has really been going to town and kicking up a storm. They started as little flutters at first but now she can easily be felt kicking from the outside (Chris even felt her last week!). She's an early bird like her mommy too; She is squirming by 5:30 AM on my drive into work!

Anyway - if you made it this far in the post, it's about to get ugly. I try not to write too much about work because it's made this pregnancy pretty stressful but this weekend will be a much needed girls getaway following a CRAZY week at work ... to those of you who don't know, Chloe's adopted Aunt Sandee (my fabulous co-worker whom I've come to LOVE and look up to as a mentor) resigned due to some ugly issues surrounding recent changes and a falling out with our new director. I can't say I blame her and I will try to remain impartial for the sake of the blog but it's a huge loss for the surgery center. We've had countless (repeat) patients in the last few days that are devastated to hear we lost Sandee and I keep expecting her to walk through the door or to see her car coming down the street in the dark at 5:45 am on our way to work like I have so many times in the past. I will stop here, but I have to admit the pregnancy hormones are making this really hard to deal with. I seriously feel like I should get my 3 days of grievance pay for losing a loved one!! (Funny thing is most of the people where we work feel the same way)...

Thanks for sticking it out through the long post. I hope you all enjoy your Mothers Day weekend and if you're a mother I hope you get spoiled rotten on Sunday and if you're a husband with a baby named Chloe on the way... thanks for the peanut shell sling someone I know got early for mothers day. It's ridiculously fun to wear stuffed with baking goodies as a pretend baby!

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