Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Shopping WOOHOO!

So don't be disappointed that there aren't any pictures in this post... but I just had to tell you how much fun I had FINALLY being able to shop for Fifi! I went to Orange County over the weekend and had a fabulous time visiting my sister and adorable little Ashley as well as my parents! I can't believe how cute (and HUGE) Ashley has gotten!! She's such a ham and loves to dance on her tippy-toes like a ballerina!

So, to recap some of the fabulous finds of the weekend... I must first note that Grandma and Grandpa Richey bought Chloe's Bedding! I'm so excited for the crib to get here now and set it all up and take pictures!! SO CUTE.

Let's see...we also got a TON of adorable clothes... AND my sister took me to register at Babies R Us! It was so much fun using the gun (although my trigger finger hurt afterwards!)...

And my (i mean Chloe's) blanket collection is growing!! Haha. Yes... I have to admit I'm jealous that she's being showered with so many adorable things...although technically I am the one who gets to play dress up on her!!

I'll post pictures of our Lulu/Ollie adventure soon... Oversized chairs in the shape of animals from Babystyle are hilarious! (so is my sister sitting in a chair made for a 2 year old). Oh geez.

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