Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Completely Appropriate Pregnancy Humor.

Haha. Couldn't help it.

Yup. We're still here. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 4, I'll post if anything exciting happens... don't get your hopes up, my doctor has already told me to expect to go past my due date (average 1st pregnancy is 40 weeks 8 days).

No biggie, I'm still generally enjoying being pregnant, Chris wants her out so that he can get some time off work, and I wouldn't mind getting her out so that I can breathe again (and tie my own shoes, things like that)... then again I have had such a fabulous, easy pregnancy that I'm not sure I want it to end... I know what comes between now and my big prize and it ain't pretty!

However, it is weird to wake up everyday wondering, "Could today be the day?"

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love you Jenny. xoxoxo Jenny's mom.