Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Full Term?!

Woohoo! We're officially 37 Weeks and Full Term today!!

I just got back from my doctors appointment and everything looks great... Her head is still down and she was in fighting shape as the doctor tried to listen to her heartbeat... not only did she have the hiccups (AGAIN), but she kept kicking the doppler. Silly Girl!! I hate that Chris misses out on hearing her at my appointments. My doctor always asks if I want to call him so he can hear... Lol... I just laugh, I dont think he understands that he is on base most of the time while I'm at my appointments and can't be reached. Don't worry, I have an emergency line in case we go into labor...

...Yeah, fat chance.

They had me schedule my next 3 appointments today... they're obviously not concerned with me missing my 40 week 1 day appointment. At which I will probably have to resort to begging someone to pull her out. She's getting so huge and uncomfortable!
So... For those of you wondering...


Anonymous said...

woohoo i'm getting excited... just waiting for the call now ;)
Lots of love,
Aunti Jennell & Cousin Kailynn
oh yeah Uncle Jeff too

Anonymous said...

I knew you swallowed a watermelon.... =P