Monday, August 11, 2008

The Great Pediatrician Hunt

So it seems that the one thing I probably should have done a long time ago but just didn't is find a pediatrician. What a daunting task!! Let me just say this has been a huge stress weighing on my mind. I mean, it's more important than finding a doctor for myself. This person will take care of my BABY! Yikes. It seems like everyone is saying you have to interview (yes, interview!) a bunch of pediatricians and then decide which one you want. Gosh, whatever happened to just picking a doctor and switching if it didn't work?? Motherhood happened evidently.

Finding the perfect obstetrician was a cake walk, I had lots of great recommendations from my fellow coworkers who had worked with all of the the OB docs where I'd be delivering.

However, finding a pediatrician is NOT easy.
At all.
I don't know many people with kids and I know even less people who have any knowledge of pediatricians in Santa Maria. I would like for her doctor to be in town (not in San Luis where we'll be delivering) in case we do need to get in for an appointment last minute or she gets sick, etc.
There was only one pediatrician that had been recommended to us as being great but they are too far away AND don't take our insurance. Back to the drawing board.
Long story short, Chris and I actually went into our primary care doctors office today and ended up asking the girls at the front desk who they recommend... they were full of advice! (Seriously - the best recommendations always come from people in the medical field; they *gasp* gossip!!).

Turns out I'd heard of one of the doctors they recommended, so we may end up going with him. We can always change if it doesn't work out, but I feel so much better just having solidified a couple good recommendations from people. It's hard just picking a name from an available list of docs, hearing people say they like them is so much nicer...


Cami said...

Who was the physician they recommended in Santa Maria? I have some "don't go to them's" for ya if ya need them.

TL said...

Hmmm...maybe I am a bad mom, but I did none of this interviewing business. Luckily, we liked our recommended pediatrician, so we just stayed with her. This whoe responsible for another human being thing is crazy isnt it?!